CHOU Shop Is Officially Online!

We're thrilled to announce this after a month of preparation, we've forged this first baby shop piece by piece. Holding a dream starts from the first step, we're convinced to bring this Asian brand to Europe and international in a meaningful way.

chou shop logo

Story behind the logo

CHOU, this fusion brand carries both Chinese and French meanings: it's pronounced as "shu", means cute in French, is not only a warm emotion that we'd like to pass on to our customers but also because of its phonetic idem
in Chinese: 舒, which stands for "comfortable".

We observe the cultural differences and introduce interesting products that might wow your life. The products that we consider fun, unique, handy or ecological when possible.

Well, what products you'll discover in our CHOU shop? We've got two main collections which we name each: CHOU handmade and CHOU ease!

CHOU handmade is consist of a series of modern, high-quality materials, and obviously, 100% handmade lifestyle crafts that we either make by ourselves, or carry from other Asian local designers. We have now a few different styles of handbags, a handmade leather passport holder, a handmade journal and two kinds of keychains. They all own different colours, and we can customize for your need!

CHOU ease collection has a wide selection of lifestyle products that can be practical or enhance your daily experience. For example, we've got different style of phone cases, a cute ice-cream maker for your summer house, wireless earphones for your outing activities and multi-functional cables that you don't have to check your cable heads anymore every single time!

As one of first visitors, you'll get our special care & new shop prices & you can chat with us on the right bottom side of CHOU shop website.

Our 3 first customer who bought anything from our CHOU handmade collection would get a special gift. Besides that, if you're in France, Belgium or Netherlands, we'd cover your order's shipping fee if your order is above 20 euros!

You shop, we take care of the rest!