Why is leather appealing?

When you are out dating or at a banquet, a piece of leather jacket or a pair of leather boots would immediately offer you an attractive looking. What makes a piece of leatherwork outperform other materials?

Well, if you feel illuminated while wearing leather, then you know what you're wearing! Few other materials can give the natural, translucent, smooth and illuminating touch than leather. Due to lack of porosity letting air to pass through and the unique looking, the artificial leather up to today still cannot fake real leather's distinctive features. 


For instance, vellum is a kind of leather often made from goat or calf skin. It's used to be framed as a canvas, enhancing the lightening quality of a paint. We also see vellum in different thickness as a surface of furniture. From fine, subtle bookbinding to intricately patterned surfaces. The traditional vellum method is time-consuming and technically demanding, requiring years of experience and mastery of knowledge.
Below a photo from Fine Art America, illustrating a paint with vellum canvas.

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Years of practice is the base of creativity. The leather makers approach the leather in need of different design. Thick or thin, smooth or moulded to various surfaces, taking the shape of the objects. A good craft maker understands the differences in terms of leather properties and uses. Therefore, they own huge room for their creativity to make an exclusive piece of art.

On the left stands a vellum cabinet in a Chateaux.

Another unique appeal is the touch of humanity that leather provides. Whether we tan or cure a piece of leather, the animal skin nature is preserved. Whatever a craft maker creates from the leather, the work is recognizable and representing one's subjectivity. This has deepened the relationship between materiality and humanity.