Brand Story

CHOU, pronounced as "shu" (which means cute in French), embodies more than just a delightful sentiment we wish to convey to our customers. Its phonetic resemblance in Chinese also signifies "comfortable."

At CHOU, we firmly believe that life flourishes when lived with passion. Embracing an international lifestyle, we constantly traverse borders, exploring different countries and cultures. It is this fusion of Asian and European influences that has inspired us to cultivate a unique way of life—one that we wholeheartedly wish to share with you, characterized by authenticity and intimacy. While created in Shanghai, the brand is dedicated to crafting items that embody Confucius philosophy - being ethical - distancing from industrial fast consumption. 

Through our keen observation of cultural nuances, we curate a captivating collection of products designed to enrich your life. Whether they are fun, one-of-a-kind, practical, or environmentally conscious, each item has been thoughtfully created, 100% by our own hands!

These remarkable items not only reflect your individuality and zest for life but also serve a practical purpose, seamlessly fitting into your daily routine with unparalleled quality.