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Water Droplet. Glasses Case for Two Pairs

Water Droplet. Glasses Case for Two Pairs

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Whether you're a jet-setting traveler or simply an astute individual seeking maximum eye protection, this sleek and innovative design has got you covered. Crafted with precision, our case allows you to conveniently carry two pairs of glasses.

Originally created to cater to the needs of seniors, this versatile case has found its way into the hearts of individuals of all ages, including myself. Embrace the fusion of practicality and style while safeguarding your essential eyewear – a must-have companion for those who value both vision and fashion.



       Net weight          35g

       Opening               Screw rivets

       Structure             Interlayer

        Material               Vegetable-tanned leather

           Colour               Green, red, purple

          Made                  in Shanghai

         Capacity            2 pairs of glasses



Natural vegetable-tanned leather

Crafted from the finest natural ingredients, including top-grain leather that's vegetable-tanned using traditional methods, this environmentally-friendly process creates a warm and lustrous hue. It's time to indulge its premium quality and responsible choice for both you and nature.


100% Handmade

The art of hand-cutting and hand-stitching produces the captivating double-sided wavy streamline design. Hand-stitching on double sided fabrics has a steadfast quality that cannot be replicated by machines today. We remain committed to exclusively handcrafted production, driven by an unyielding pursuit of supreme quality.


Pre-waxed thread for hand-stitching

Resilience, exceptional strength, anti-slip properties, and enduring durability.


Eco-friendly odorless adhesive

INTERCOM ECOSTICK, an environmentally conscious, water-based adhesive imported from Italy, is used throughout the crafting process. One of the market's most exceptional leather goods adhesives, this nontoxic, odorless adhesive contains 50% modified polyurethane-based polymer dispersion.


Our full-grain top-grain cowhide leather is 100% free of chemical coatings for an unaltered texture and true feel. For those with particular preferences, take care when selecting - as vegetable-tanned leather requires frequent use to absorb temperature, moisture, and natural oils for a smooth lustrous look while maintaining flexibility. In case of solid contaminants, it can be rubbed away with an eraser; liquid contaminants are removed by saddle soap or light cloth dampening. We offer a 3-month warranty service if you experience any issues regarding quality


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