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Flymaster. Double Currency Passport Wallet


Featuring two sections, this wallet allows you to separate and organize different currencies effortlessly. No more fumbling through your wallet to find the right notes or coins.

Dimensions / 438 x 280 x 6 mm

Net weight /  50 g

Opening / Zippers

Structure / Interlayer

Material / Vegetable tanned leather

Made in / Shanghai

Handcraft / 

Vegetable-Tanned Leather

Vegetable-tanned top-grain cowhide, made with only natural animal and plant ingredients, utilizes the oldest traditional plant-dyeing methods. Although time-consuming, this process is natural and environmentally friendly, giving the leather a warm, rich color. This high-quality genuine leather is a responsible choice for both human health and the environment.

Hand-Punching and Stitching

Using the saddle stitch technique, which involves a thread and two needles passing alternately from the top to the bottom and crossing within the material, we achieve the strongest seam. To this day, machine stitching cannot match the strength and aesthetic of hand-sewn double-sided stitching. Therefore, we insist on pure handcrafting to pursue the highest quality.

Leather Sewing Round Waxed Thread

Leather sewing with round waxed thread is highly durable. The wax coating strengthens the thread, making it resistant to fraying and wear. This ensures that the stitching remains intact and secure over time, providing long-lasting quality and reliability for leather products.

Eco-Friendly Leather Adhesive

In our production process, we rely on INTERCOM ECOSTICK, an environmentally friendly water-based adhesive imported from Italy. It’s odorless and non-toxic, making it safe for our craftsmen and the environment. With 50% of its composition being a modified polyurethane polymer water dispersion, it stands as one of the finest materials on the market tailored for crafting leather goods.

We use full-grain cowhide leather, without any chemical coating. As a result, the finished product retains the natural texture of leather, including grain patterns, growth marks, and skin scars. Please be cautious if you are concerned about these natural characteristics.

It is best to use vegetable-tanned leather items regularly.  They are easier to care for than other materials. With time, vegetable-tanned leather become smooth and glossy as well as flexible if it is frequently accompanied by the owner.

You can use an eraser to gently rub off solid contaminants; saddle soap or natural rubber can be used to clean liquid contaminants.

In case of any quality issues, please contact us to confirm whether it is covered by the warranty and follow the warranty procedure.


CHOU, pronounced as “shu” (which means cute in French), embodies more than just a delightful sentiment we wish to convey to our customers. Its phonetic resemblance in Chinese also signifies “comfortable.”

At Chou, we firmly believe that life flourishes when lived with passion. Embracing an international lifestyle, we constantly traverse borders, exploring different countries and cultures. It is this fusion of Asian and European influences that has inspired us to cultivate a unique way of life—one that we wholeheartedly wish to share with you, characterized by authenticity and intimacy.

Through our keen observation of cultural nuances, we curate a captivating collection of products designed to enrich your life. Whether they are fun, one-of-a-kind, practical, or environmentally conscious, each item has been thoughtfully selected. They are the created by our own hands!

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